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Stopped up drains can stop up your life. We all need clean hands and flushed toilets, so give Proven Plumbing a call!

When it comes to drain clearing services in North Austin, Proven Plumbing has the Pro's! Whether its a toilet, sink, or main line, we would be happy to serve you!

Clogged Drain Repair & Cleaning

Minor Drain Blockages


Slow draining kitchen sinks or a toilet that fills but won't flush? Sounds like you've got a clog! Thankfully we keep our trucks stocked with both short augers and an extra long 50 foot snake! We give an estimate, and an idea of how long the job could take up front, with different options escalating the service depending on clog severity. Get back to cooking and don't let your toilet overflow, call Proven Plumbing now to make your clogs go right down the drain!

Whole House Blockages

Sometimes you have a little bit of a bigger problem than just a few drains getting clogged, and this may take some elbow grease, the dreaded whole house backup. DUN DUN DUN!!! Thankfully we have you covered for this too, whether we run through your toilet or cleanout, we'll do are best to have everything flowing smoothly again!

We have decades of experience from the plumbers you know and trust, to assess the backup, get to work, and have it repaired. 


300 Brushy Creek Rd Suite 402, Cedar Park, TX 78613


(512) 296-5604

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



7:30 am – 5:30 pm



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